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Mathematics: the language of science!

The Department of Mathematics at VU University Amsterdam offers balanced training in mathematics and its applications in the broadest sense. It occupies a leading position in geometry, mathematical analysis and stochastics. A special feature of the department is its highly interdisciplinary character - with courses, seminars and research collaborations in areas such as financial mathematics, health care, industrial problems, life sciences and mathematical genomics.

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Statistics of Life Sciences Amsterdam

The research group Statistics for Life Sciences Amsterdam is a cooperation of statisticians from the Department of Mathematics and the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The research focuses on statistics in the area of life sciences. This includes the development, assessment and application of probabilistic models for biological processes, statistical theory and tools for biological and medical problems, and statistical analysis of data.

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    1 June | PhD conferral

    PhD defense Jagna Wisniewska

    30 March | PhD conferral

    PhD defence Dirk Sierag

    17 March | PhD conferral

    PhD defence Patrick Hafkenscheid

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