PhD students

Current PhD students

PhD studentResearch areaAdvisorContact
Nazanin AbediniOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Bogdan Banuinformationoff16houseoff16Compose a message
Lukas Bentkamp
Mathematical NeuroscienceDaniele Avitabile, Jan Bouwe van den BergOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Guus BerkelmansOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Wouter BerkelmansOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Etienne van de BijlOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16emailoff16
Ronen Brilleslijper
Oliver FabertOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Fabio Buccoliero
Geometric topology: Topological graphsSenja BarthelOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Yoram ClapperOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Marina Dietrich
Statistics: Survival AnalysisMathisca de GunstOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Wouter HetebrijOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Emiliano Heynsinformationoff16houseoff16Compose a message
Michael Jung
Differential topologyOfficial and contact informationPersonal home pageCompose a message
Julian KampenOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Jeroen Kasteren
Operation Research and Business Analytics: Queueing Theory, Reinforcement Learning, Data Analytics, Machine LearningGer Koole and Sandjai BhulaiOfficial and contact informationPersonal home pageCompose a message
Jan KleinOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Niek Lamoree
Hamiltonian PDE, Floer theoryOliver FabertOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Joey van LangenOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Rik van LeeuwenOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Siqiao LiOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Maria Mahfoudinformationoff16houseoff16Compose a message
Luminita MaximMathisca de GunstOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Yura Perugachi DiazOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Joris PriesOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Casper PutzOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Pepijn Roos HoefgeestTopological data analysisMagnus BotnanOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Corné de Ruijtinformationoff16houseoff16Compose a message
Robin van RuitenbeekOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Jan-David Salchowinformationoff16houseoff16Compose a message
Salim SalmiOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Jesper Slik
Machine learning: mobility choices, demand forecasting, production planningOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Birgit SollieMathisca de GunstOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Jaap StormOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message
Madelein van StraatenOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16emailoff16
Michael TsironisOfficial and contact informationhouseoff16Compose a message

PhD alumni

Alumnus/AlumnaAdvisorThesis title
B. Zweers (2021)Bhulai, van der Mei, SchaeferOptimization of hinterland container transport
R. Nolet (2020)Hulshof, ProkertMathematical modelling of fungal hyphae
M. Aflakparast (2020)de Gunst, van WieringenStatistical learning of networks from heterogenous data through mixture models
B.H. Bakker (2019) 
van den Berg, van der Vorst 
Nonlinear waves in local and nonlocal media 
E. Queirolo (2019) 
van den Berg, Rink 
Following periodic orbits through bifurcations 
G. Overal (2019) 
Hulshof, Planque 
Predicting optimal strategies for microbacterial metabolic pathways 
R. van de Geer (2019) 
Bhulai, Den Boer 
Data driven pricing & optimization 
N. Nurushev (2019) 
Robust inference for projection structures 
D. van Leeuwen (2019) 
van der Mei, Nunez-Queija 
Stochastic modelling and control of road traffic congestion 
M.C. ten Thij (2018) 
Bhulai, Koole 
Social data analysis: dynamics of real-time data 
A. Hristov (2018) 
van der Mei, Bhulai 
Performance models for analysis and control of IT systems 
C. Groothedde (2018) 
van den Berg, Rink 
Computer assisted proofs in dynamics and delay equations 
E. Nijholt (2018) 
Rink, van den Berg 
Bifurcations in network dynamical systems 
R. Sheombarsing (2018) 
van den Berg, Rink 
Validated Chebyshev-based computations for ordinary and partial differential equations 
M. van Buuren (2018) 
van der Mei, Bhulai 
Efficient planning of ambulance services: theory and practice 
H. Knoester (2017) 
Meester, Hulshof 
Probabilistic lifetime prediction with application to high-performance p-aramid fiber 
T. Kerkvliet (2017) 
Een verkenning van kansrekeningen gebaseerd op afzwakkingen van de axioma's van Kolmogorov 
J. Wisniewska (2017) 
van der Vorst, Pasquotto 
Rabinowitz Floer homology for tentacular Hamiltonians 
P. Hafkenscheid (2017) 
van den Berg, van der Vorst 
Braid Floer homology 
P. Vis (2017) 
van der Mei 
Queueing networks with multiple customer types 
D. Sierag (2017) 
van der Mei 
Revenue management in the hotel industry: from practice to theory 
R. Konijn (2017) 
Kok, Koole 
Detecting interesting differences: data mining in health insurance data using outlier detection and subgroup discovery 
C. Jagtenberg (2017) 
van der Mei, Bhulai 
Efficiency and fairness in ambulance planning 
T. van Barneveld (2017) 
van der Mei, Bhulai 
Relocation algorithms for emergency medical services 
J. Pecanka (2016) 
van der Vaart 
Multi-step statistical methods for simultaneous inference in genetics 
M. Kruijver (2016) 
Meester, Slooten 
Stochastics aspects of familial searching 
S. Ding (2016) 
van der Mei, Bhulai 
Workflow management in call centers: forecasting, staffing and empirical studies  
D. Moeke (2016) 
Koole, Verkooijen 
Operations research in nursing home care 
M. Onderwater (2016)van der Mei, BhulaiNetwork of sensors - operation and control
H. Rabe (2015) 
Aspects of Toeplitz operators and matrices: Asymptotics, norms, singular values 
B. Ros (2015)de GunstStochastic modeling and statistical analysis of EEG-fMRI data
R. Conijn (2015)van de BergPlanar Critical Percolation: Large clusters and Scaling limits
T. van den Brug (2015)MeesterPercolation, loop soups and stochastic domination
F. Phillipson (2014)van der Mei, BhulaiEfficient Algorithms for Infrastructure Networks: Planning Issues and Economic Impact
M. Remerova (2014)Zwart, FossFluid Limit Approximations of Stochastic Networks
M. Lis (2014)Meester, Camia, KagerThe Kac-Ward approach to the Ising Model
G.G.R. Leday (2014)van der Vaart, van de WielStatistical Modeling and Inference for Genomics: Data Integration, Shrinkage and Network Reconstruction
T. Rot (2014)Vandervorst, PasquottoMorse-Conley-Floer Homology
J. Bosman (2014) 
van der Mei, Nunez-QueijaOptimal Quality of Service Control in Communication Systems
M.M. Zaal (2013)HulshofVariational Modeling of Parabolic Free Boundary Problems
B.T. Knapik (2013)van Zanten, van der Vaart, KleijnBayesian Asymptotics: Inverse Problems and irregular models
A.V. den Boer (2013)van der Mei, ZwartDynamic pricing and learning
M. Calinescu (2013) 
Koole, Bhulai, Schouten 
Optimal resource allocation in adaptive survey designs
S. Munao (2013) 
van der Vorst, van den Berg 
Braid invariants for non-lineair differential equations
P. Koeleman (2013) 
Koole, Bhulai, Schouten 
A careful solution: patient scheduling in health care
P. Kempker (2012) 
Ran, van Schuppen 
Coordination control of linear systems
B. Mramor (2012)Vandervorst, RinkMonotone variational recurrence relations  
A. Haensel (2012)KooleChoice-set Demand in Revenue Management: Unconstraining, Forecasting and Optimization
A. Roubos (2012)KooleService-Level Variability and Impatience in Call Centers
G.J. Hoekstra (2012)Van der MeiConcurrent Access and Traffic Control Methods in Wireless Communication Networks
A. Trevisan (2012)NotbohmGeneralized Davis-Januszkiewicz spaces and their applications to algebra and topology
M.T. Joosten (2012)MeesterRandom fractals and scaling limits in percolation
M. Vargas Rivera (2011)Van den BergBlowup in two geometric flows
R. Jansen (2011)De GunstDynamics and genetics of hippocampal network activity
R. Yang (2011)Van der Mei, Bhulai 
Adaptive Resource Allocation in High-Performance Distributed Multimedia Computing
R. Hindriks (2011)Van der VaartEmpirical Dynamics of neuronal rhythms
H. Liu (2011)MeesterInvariant measures and limiting shapes in sandpile models
G. Geeven (2010)De GunstComputational statistics for the identification of transcriptional gene regulatory
D. Roubos (2010)Koole, Bhulai 
The application of Approximate Dynamic Programming techniques
K.I.S. Valkenburg (2010)DijkstraOn nonseparable Erdős type spaces
N. Leder (2010)Koole, Bhulai 
The Deviation Matrix of Continuous-Time Markov Processes
J. Nemcova (2009)Van SchuppenRational systems in control and system theory
L. Sella (2009)Van SchuppenComputation of symbolic dynamics of low-dimensional maps
M. Bijvank (2009)KooleService Inventory Management: solution techniques for inventory systems without backorders
B. Vagvolgyi (2009)MeesterSelf-destructive percolation, invasion percolation and related models
A. Balint (2009)MeesterDivide and colour models
D. Basile (2009)Van Millkappa-Ohio completeness and related problems
D. Visser (2009)DijkstraRepresentations of Erdős spaces by homeomorphism groups and by lower semi-continuous functions on product spaces.
K.P. Banachewicz (2009)Van der VaartA collection of problems in credit risk modeling
W. van der Weij (2009)Van der MeiQueueing Networks with Shared Resources
S. Donauer (2009)JongbloedAsymptotics in deconvolution models -approximating perfect knowledge-
M. Kramár (2009)Vandervorst, Van den BergConley index theory for braids and forcing in fourth order conservative systems
M. Soomer (2009)KooleRunway Operations Scheduling using Airline Preferences
W. Kruijer (2008)Van der VaartConvergence Rates in Nonparametric Bayesian Density Estimation
E. Asadi (2008)HulshofIntegrable Systems in Symplectic Geometry
H. Elrofai (2008)Hulshof, Van den BergStability of Radiative Propagating Flames
A. Fey-den Boer (2008)MeesterSandpile models: The infinite volume model, Zhang's model and limiting shapes
W. Wójcik (2008)Van der VorstBraids, Floer, Homology and forcing in two and three dimensional dynamics
P.M. Zareba (2007)Van der VaartRepresentations of Gaussian Processes with Stationary Increments
S. ter Horst (2007)RanRelaxed commutant lifting and Nehari interpolation
M. Abry (2007 (2007)Dijkstra, Van MillOn almost n-dimensional spaces
V. Guyonne (2007)HulshofMathematical Models For Flame Balls
A.J. Gillett (2007)MeesterPhase transitions in Bak-Sneppen avalanches and in a continuum percolation model
G.J.F. Ridderbos (2007)Van MillPower homogeneity in Topology
A. Setiawan (2007)Van der VaartStatistical Analysis of Genetic Data in Twin Studies and Association Studies
A.M. Dobber (2006)Koole, Van der MeiRobust Applications in Time-Shared Distributed Systems
S.A. Pot (2006)KoolePlanning and Routing Algorithms for Multi-Skill Contacts Centers
J.P. Trapman (2006)MeesterOn stochastic models for the spread of infections
M. Petreczky (2006)Van SchuppenRealization Theory of Hybrid Systems
C. Jong (2006)Van der VaartMachine learning for human cancer research
F.H. van der Meulen (2005)Van der VaartStatistical estimation for Levy driven OU-processes and Brownian semimartingales
M.W. de Vries (2005)MeesterRandom beta-expansions, unique expansions and Lochs' Theorem
R. Brouwer (2005)Van den BergPercolation, forest-fires and monomer-dimers
B.J.K. Kleijn (2004)Van der VaartBayesian asymptotics under misspecification
G.J. Franx (2004)Koole, van Dijk (UvA)A probabilistic approach to waiting time distributions
Z. Arova (2003)KaashoekOperator nodes with strongly regular characteristic functions
P. van der Kamp (2003)HulshofIntegrable Evolution Equations: a Diophantine Approch
D. Znamenski (2003)MeesterA A of models with self-organized criticality sandpiles and evolution
D. Jibetean (2003)Van SchuppenAlgebraic Optimization Applications to System Theory
L. Kubbe (2003)BochnakNonisomorphic algebraic models of smooth manifolds
M. Reurings (2003)RanSymmetric Matrix Equations
S. Bhulai (2002)KooleMarkov Decision Processes
T. van Noorden (2002)Verduyn LunelNew Algorithms for Parameter Swing Reactors
C. Cuestra (2002)HulshofPseudo-Parabolic Equations with Driving Convection Term
K. Bouhjar (2002)Van MillOn the Structure of N-Point Sets
M. El Bachraoui (2002)Van MillRelation Algebras, Multigroupoids, and Degree
J.L. Lok (2001)Van der VaartStatistical Modeling of Causal Effects in Time
M.A. Jonker (2000)Van der VaartStatistical Estimation of Life Length in Historical Demography
J.G. Schouten (2000)Van der VaartStochastic Modeling of Ion Channel Kinetics
D.R. Pik (1999)KaashoekBlock Lower Trianular Operators and Optimal Contractive Systems
M.A. van Hartskamp (1999)Van MillColorings of Fixed-Point Free Maps
P.C. Allaart (1998)HolewijnRanges of Vector Measures and Optimal Petitioning Inequalities
H.E. Brandsma (1998)Van MillMonolithic Hyperspaces
G.J. van den Brink (1998)Van VeldhuizenKwaliteit van Informatie en Informatie Systemen
J.P. Wang (1998)NieuwlandSymmetry Conservation Laws of Evolution Equations
J.A. van Hamel (deceased) (1997)BochnakAlgebraic Cycles and Topology of Real Algebraic Varieties
A.C.J. Scholtens (1996)DittersS-typical Curves in noncommutative Hopf Algebras
D. Temme (1996)KaashoekDissipative Operators in Indefinitive Scalar Product Spaces
J. Kos (1995)KaashoekTime-Dependent Problems in Linear Operator Theory
W.D.L.F. Gladdines (1994)Van MillAbsorbing Systems in Infinite Dimensional Manifolds and Applications
J.M. Gouweleeuw (1994)HolewijnOn Ranges of Vector Measures and Optimal Stopping
I. Helsloot (1994)DittersCovariant Formal Group Theory and Some Applications
G.J. Groenewald (1993)KaashoekWiener-Hopf Factorization of Rational Matrix Functions in Terms of Realizations
J. Huisman (1992)BochnakReal Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication
A.B. Kuijper (1992)KaashoekThe State Space Method for Integro-differential Equations of Convolution Type with Rational Matrix Symbols
F.A. Boshuizen (1991)HolewijnProphet and Minimax Problems in Optimal Stopping Theory
J. van der Bijl (1991)Van MillExtension of Continuous Functions with Compact Domain
E.R. Verheul (1991)Van MillMultimedians in Metric and Normed Spaces
M. Zwaan (1991)NieuwlandMoment Problems in Hilbert Space with Applications to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
J.A. Baars (1990)
On Topological and Linear Equivalence of Certain Function Spaces
J.A.M. Groot (1990)Van MillOp Topological and Linear Equivalence of Certain Function Spaces
S.J. Hoving (1990)DittersW(k)[F,V]-Modules and Zeta Functions of Several Types of Curves
R. Vreugdenhill (1990)KaashoekSpectral Theory of Selfadjoint Wiener-Hopf and Toeplitz Operators
H.J. Woerdeman (1989)KaashoekMatrix and Operator Extensions
F.C. Drost (1987)OosterhoffAsymptotics for Generalized Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Tests
L. Roozemond (1987)KaashoekSystems of Nonnormal and First Kind Wiener-Hopf Equations
P. Borst (1986)Van MillTransfinite Classifications of Wakly Infinite-Dimensional Space
A.J.M. van Engelen (deceased) (1985)Van MillHomogeneous Zero-Dimensional Absolute Borel Sets
R.J.P. Groothuizen (1985)NieuwlandMixed Elliptic Hyperbolic Partial Differential Operators
B.F. Schriever (1985)OosterhoffOrder Dependence
D.P. van der Vecht (deceased) (1985)HolewijnInequalities for Stopped Brownian Motion
K.P. Hart (1984)MauriceCoverings, trees and continua
J. van de Lune (1984)MullenderSums of equal powers of positive integers
J. Vermeer (1984)BaayenExpansions of H-closed spaces
A.D.M. Kester (1983)OosterhoffSome large deviation results in statistics
A.C.M. Ran (1983)KaashoekSemidefinite invariant subspaces
H.A.W.M. Kneppers (1982)DittersThe covariance classification of two-dimensional smooth commutative formal groups over over an algabraically closed field of positive characteristic
J.C.S.P. van der Woude (1982)BaayenTopological Dynamix
S.N. Pnevmatikos (1981)BochnakEtude geometrique des constraintes generiques dans des espaces de phases
J.M. Schumacher (1981)NieuwlandDynamic Feedback in finite- and infinite-dimensional linear systems
C.V.M. van der Mee (1981)KaashoekSemigroup and factorization methods in transport theory
H. den Boer (1981)KaashoekBlock diagonalisation of matrix functions
M.J.W. Jansen (1980)NieuwlandEssays in Mathematical Biology
A.J.J. Talman (1980)Tijms, MerkiesVariable dimensions fixed point algorithms and triangulations
H.M. Mulder (1980)BaayenThe interval function of a graph
H.C.P. Berbee (1979)HolewijnRandom walks with stationary increments and renewal theory
P. Groeneboom (1979)OosterhoffLarge deviations and asymptotic efficiencies
R.D. Gill (1979)OosterhoffCensoring and stochastic integrals
G.Ph.A. Thijsse (1978)Kaashoektheorems for finite-meromorphic operator functions
J.M. Wouwe (1978)MauriceGo-spaces and generalizations of metrizability
J. van Mill (1977)BaayenSupercompactness and Wallman spaces
A. Schrijver (1977)BaayenMatroids and linking systems
W.C.M. Kallenberg (1977)OosterhoffAsymptotic optimality of likelihood ratio tests in exponential families
P.P.N. Groen (1976)NieuwlandSingularly pertubated differential operators of second order
A.E. Brouwer (1976)Maurice, BaayenTreelike spaces and related connected topological spaces
E.K. van Douwen (deceased) (1975)MauriceSimultaneous extensions of continuous functions
A. Hollman (1974)KuijkInseparable algebras
M.J. Faber (1974)MauriceMetrizability in generalized ordered spaces
J. de Vries (1974)BaayenReflections on topological transformation groups
W.J. Schipper (1974)BaayenSymmetric closed categories
P. Kodde (1973)GrosheideAn analytic two-parametric system of lines in a five-dimensional projective space
H. Bart (1973)KaashoekMeromorphic operator valued
H. Kok (1973)MauriceConnected orderable spaces
J. van Dalen (1972)Maurice, De GrootFinite products of locally compact ordered spaces
N.P. Dekker (retired) (1969)BaayenJoint numerical range and joint spectrum of Hilbert space operators
C. de Vroedt (1960)KoksmaMetrical problems concerning continued fractions
W. Kuyk (1960)MullenderOver het omkeerprobleem van de Galoistheorie
J. van Klinken (1958)Van RooijenDe toepassing van het Poissonproces in de actuariele statistiek
O. Kooi (1956)KoksmaExistentie-, eenduidigheids- en convergentiestellingen in de theorie der gewone differentiaalvergelijkingen
D. de Vries (1955)KoksmaMetrische onderzoekingen van diophantische benaderingsproblemen in het niet-lacunaire geval
M. Dorleijn (1951)KoksmaBeschouwingen over coordinaatruimten, oneindige matrices en determinanten in een niet-Archimedisch gewaardeerd lichaam
N.P. Dekker (1950)HaantjesConforme theorie van tripelorthogonale stelsels
M. Sanders (1950)KoksmaVerdelingsproblemen bij gegeneraliseerde duale breuken
D.J. Lock (1947)KoksmaMetrische-diophantische onderzoekingen in K(P) en K(n)(P)
L. Kuipers (1947)KoksmaDe asymptotische verdeling modulo I van de waarden van meetbare functies
C. Smits (1946)HaantjesDe Mobius-meetkunde van het platte vlak
A. Drewes (1945)KoksmaDiophantische benaderingsproblemen
P. Mullender (1945)KoksmaToepassing van de meetkunde der getallen op ongelijkheden in K(l) en K(i√m)
W. de Geus (1943)Van HaaftenContinue intrestrekening
N.G. de Bruijn (retired) (1943)KoksmaOver modulaire vormen van meer veranderlijken
H. Streefkerk (1943)KoksmaOver het aantal oplossingen der diophantische vergelijking U=Σi A x2i + B xi + C
H. Turkstra (1936)KoksmaMetrische bijdragen tot de theorie der diophantische approximaties in het lichaam der p-adische getallen
J.P. van Rooijen (1935)Van HaaftenLa notion de probabilité et la science actuarielle
A. Gabel (1935)Van HaaftenNomographische Lösung von Kurs- und Rentabilitätsaufgaben