We cooperate closely with the Korteweg-de Vries Institute: the Department of Mathematics of the University of Amsterdam. We have joint master programmes, share bachelor courses, and organize seminars together.
Our analysis group is the managing partner in the national research cluster Nonlinear Dynamics of Natural Systems (funded by the national science foundation NWO).
Our statisticians and probabilists are important contributors to the stochastics research cluster STAR (funded by NWO).
Diamant and GQT
Several of our faculty are members of the research cluster Diamant (algebra) and GQT (geometry).
Neuroscience Campus
The statistics for life sciences group has close ties with the Neuroscience Campus.
Network Institute
Several of our faculty are members of the Network Institute (interdisciplinary research on e.g. social, economic and biological networks).
Our Business Analytics group particpates in the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research.