biostatistics, statistics for life sciences, mathematical biology, statistical genetics, brain imaging, statistics for neuroscience, population dynamics, systems biology

Analytics and Optimization

E-health, optimization of business processes, operations research, call centers, queuing theory, health care logistics, statistics

Determinism and Randomness

probability theory, stochastics, dynamical systems, stochastic differential equations, random processes, statistical physics

Geometric Dynamics

symplectic geometry, symmetries in dynamical systems, variational methods, spatial probability, percolation, Morse-Conley-Floer theory

Modelling and Statistics

statistical models, partial differential equations, mathematical physics, financial mathematics, control theory, industrial mathematics

Patterns in Complex Systems

statistics of high-dimensional data (neuro-imaging, microarrays), datamining, large systems of nonlinear differential equations, dynamics in biological networks

Shape and Structure

Algebraic K-theory, number theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry, homotopy theory, symplectic topology, toric topology, infinite-dimensional topology, dimension theory, convex geometry.