MINDS - Fall 2017 "Singularity theory"

Mondays 4pm - 5pm

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Topic Date Details Speaker Room
Introduction 25.9. Singularities, Stable mappings, Preparation theorems (notes) Jan-David WN S607
Stability 2.10. Definition, Mather's stability criterion (Elena's notes) Wouter WN S607
Preparation theorems 16.10. Weierstrass preparation theorem (notes) Lorenzo WN S607
9.10. Malgrange preparation theorem (notes, Jan-David's notes) Eddie WN S607
Stability 23.10. Examples for stability and normal forms (notes) Elena HG 0G10
Preparation theorems 30.10. Algebraic version of Malgrange's preparation theorem (notes, Jan-David's notes) Berry WN S607
6.11. Proof of the generalised Malgrange preparation theorem (notes) Jan-David WN S607
Thom-Boardman invariants 13.11. Generic Mappings between 2-Manifolds (Elena's notes) Chris WN S607
20.11. The Thom-Boardman Stratification (notes) Thomas WN S607
Classification of equidimensional

stable maps for n<=4

27.11. The local ring of a singularity Eddie WN S607
4.12. No MINDS WN S607
Personal Research Talks 11.12. Listing Number Fields Casper WN M607
18.12. Computing conductors of Frey curves Joey WN M607